Guest, Documentary, 2015

Currently in production, Guest, is a new documentary that goes where most other immigration documentaries haven't: the U.S Guestworker program. More info:

Who does the United States Guestworker program really serve, and in what ways do its promises falter? Guest explores the Guestworker program from the perspectives of Mexican workers who depend on it, American workers who decry it, and employers who use it to their benefit, to offer a clear-eyed view of the reality on the ground and the future of people whose stories reflect the ever shifting global economy. Most documentaries that address immigration in the United States look at undocumented immigration. Guest investigates an under-explored aspect: the legal Guestworker program, which has a long history in various iterations and has also been growing crucial to the immigration debate this year. 

Guest is a member of the Creative Visions Foundation’s Creative Activist Program. Creative Visions Foundation is a publicly supported 501c3, which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive social change in the world.  

Directed by: Lindsay Van Dyke
Director of Photography: Alex Zamora Reynaud

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